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SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry Storage™

Fully network-capable with mobile connectivity and total accessibility from any networked device, ECD's SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry Storage technology enables compatibility with smart factory, Industry 4.0 operations.

ECD SMARTDRY Desiccant Dry Storage


Fast Recovery Time

Market-leading recovery time of less than 3 minutes provides constant access to stored parts. Exceptional, self-regulating drying technology allows assembly specialists to retrieve critical moisture-sensitive components from desiccant dry cabinet as many as 10 to 12 times per hour. That’s more than twice the access of competitive dry cabinets.

Exceptional Quality

Designed by trusted electronics innovator ECD and quality-built in the U.S.A.

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ECD SD10 Desiccant Dry Storage - Made In USA

Metal Chrome-plated door handles

USB, Network, Power, and Heater ports

Pull-out 7"/15" Combo Reel Rack

Robust. Innovative. Made In USA

SmartDRY Dry Storage Reel Rack Shelf
SmartDRY Dry Storage Ports
SmartDRY Dry Storage Door Handle


Industry 4.0 Ready

Integrated network tracks events from all SmartDRY™ cabinets for access to data on connected devices.

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ECD SD48F Desiccant Dry Storage - Network Capable

Intelligent Light Status

Immediate visual confirmation of dry storage status means no more guessing about cabinet readiness. A simple glance at SmartDRY™ and its green, amber or red interior lighting tells operators if the unit can be accessed. It’s simple, effective and smart. An optional light tower can be integrated for visual status confirmation from across the factory floor.

ECD SD10 Desiccant Dry Storage - LED

Light alarm tower option shown


Eliminate time-consuming and complicated calculations for bake cycles. SmartDRY’s Intelligent SmartBAKE feature automatically establishes J-STD-033 compliant bake times based on a component’s MSL level, thickness and exposure time over floor life.

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ECD SD10 Desiccant Dry Storage - Baking Dry Cabinet


Baking Modes:

  • J-STD-033 Easily and automatically establish bake time and temperature (40°C), based on the J-STD MSL level and component size, making tables or calculations unnecessary.
  • Manual Bake Manually adjust max temperature (60°C), humidity and time. Unlike traditional standalone baking ovens the SD-10 with baking option is still a dry cabinet and will no re-expose your components to humidity once the bake cycle is over.


  • Restores floor life SmartDRY maintains safe storage thru controlled humidity during SmartBAKE
  • Flexible bake cycle programming Bake to J-STD-033 automatically or manually set temperature, humidity and time
  • Maximizes the SmartDRY investment Combines storage and bake-out in a single, compact footprint



Recovery to <5% 3 minutes
ESD Safe Yes
External & Internal construction ESD powder coated steel
Zeolite 4A Molecular Sieve
Projected life of desiccant 7+ years
Internal RH Capability 0.5% RH
Country of Manufacturing USA


SmartDRY Dry Storage Standard Kit Photo Part Number
SD-10 (10 cu ft dry cabinet) E55-7310-00
SD-30 (30 cu ft dry cabinet) E55-7330-00
SD-48F (48 cu ft dry cabinet) E55-7483-00
Includes the following:
  • SmartDRY Dry Cabinet
  • Users Guide
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • ECD Warranty Card (2 Year)

Accessories Photo Part Number
Shelf & Rack Options:
• Pull-out 7"/15" Combo Reel Rack E56-7379-23-275
• Pull-out 7" Reel Rack E56-7379-23-207
• Pull-out Shelf E56-7379-23-200
• Fixed 7"/15" Combo Reel Rack E56-7379-23-175
• Fixed 7" Reel Rack E56-7379-23-107
• Fixed Shelf E56-7379-23
SmartBAKE (Option with SD-10 only) E55-7379-60-120
Light Alarm Tower B55-7379-40

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Pull-out shelves and Reel Racks, SmartBAKE, and more.

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