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Component Storage Shouldn’t be a Budget Buster!

Posted on May 03, 2017

Protecting moisture-sensitive components against the effects of humidity is critical to performance, yield and operating cost. But, what is it really costing you to store MSDs in moisture barrier bags or nitrogen dry cabinets?

We’re glad you asked! If you’re using anything other than SmartDRY Intelligent Dry Storage, you may be paying too much and getting too little. Run the numbers and see for yourself. The SmartDRY cost savings calculator reveals the true cost of MSD storage.

Not only does SmartDRY make the best financial sense, it makes the best operational sense, too. With a remarkably fast recovery time, Industry 4.0 compatibility, ingenious status notification systems and multiple models to choose from, SmartDRY is just, well, smart.

Your bottom line will thank you.

Learn more about SmartDRY Desiccant Dry Storage

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