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Fast, Illuminating and Powerful

Posted on Feb 08, 2018

The unmatched capabilities of ECD’s SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry storage systems are what propelled the portfolio to its top position in the market. And, it’s what keeps SmartDRY firmly in the lead with customers.

Consider these incredible SmartDRY features, the benefits they provide and the positive impact they can have on your operation:

  • Unbeatable Recovery Time and Performance -- Market leading recovery time of <3 minutes as standard (no expensive upgrades required!) means you can confidently access parts on demand. Facilitated by the proprietary SmartDRY logic integrated into the USA-built dryer modules, SmartDRY ensures usability while delivering J-STD-033 compliance.

    SmartDRY Fastest Recovery

  • Status Lighting -- Confirm SmartDRY’s in-compliance status with a simple glance from across the manufacturing floor. Interior green, amber and red lighting gives you a “go”, “working” or “no-go” indication immediately.
  • Information at your Fingertips –- Comprehensive data logging and reporting capabilities make SmartDRY thorough and easy-to-use from anywhere 24/7/365. Check temperature and humidity data from the on-board display or from any internet enabled device via the networked dashboard technology. And, audits are now stress-free with easy-to-read reports that can be generated for specified time periods to prove compliance.

Need to see it to believe it? Come visit our team in booth #1036 at IPC APEX Expo 2018.

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