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Is Baking MSDs Always a Necessity?

Posted on Mar 22, 2017

No, baking MSD parts isn’t required as normal protocol…even though many manufacturers have made baking part of standard MSD parts management. According to J-STD-033, baking is only required under specific conditions, which include MSL Level 6 parts and devices that have exceeded their floor life. Instead of baking just because that’s what’s always been done, learn more about the conditions under which MSDs should be baked and the detrimental effects of baking when you really shouldn’t.

There are times, however, when baking is required and, for those situations, ECD’s SmartDRY™ offers dry storage and baking technology in a single system. Available on the SmartDRY SD-10 Intelligent Dry Storage cabinet, the SmartBAKE™ feature automatically establishes the J-STD-033-compliant bake times based on three simple inputs: MSL level, component thickness and exposure time over floor life.

If auto-SmartBAKE isn’t preferred, manual control can be initiated and you can self-adjust time, temperature and humidity.

You don’t always need to bake MSDs but, if you do, SmartDRY makes it easy with SmartBAKE!

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