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Light Alarm Tower

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SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Fixed Shelf


SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Fixed Reel Rack Shelf

7" Reel Rack

SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Seven Fifteen Reel Rack Shelf

7"/15" Reel Rack

SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Pullout Shelf


SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Seven Diameter Reel Rack Shelf

7" Reel Rack

SmartDRY Dry Cabinet Seven Fifteen Diameter Reel Rack Shelf

7"/15" Reel Rack

Quote Configuration

    SmartDRY Feature Symbol - SmartBAKE



    • Baking Modes:
      • J-STD-033 Easily and automatically establish bake time and temperature (40°C), based on the J-STD MSL level and component size, making tables or calculations unnecessary.
      • Manual Bake Manually adjust max temperature (60°C), humidity and time. Unlike traditional standalone baking ovens the SD-10 with baking option is still a dry cabinet and will no re-expose your components to humidity once the bake cycle is over.


    • Restores floor life SmartDRY maintains safe storage thru controlled humidity during SmartBAKE
    • Flexible bake cycle programming Bake to J-STD-033 automatically or manually set temperature, humidity and time
    • Maximizes the SmartDRY investment Combines storage and bake-out in a single, compact footprint
    SmartDRY Feature Symbol - Light-Tower

    Light Alarm Tower

    For situations where SmartDRY status requires confirmation from across the factory floor or from the rear of the system, the light alarm tower provides a 360° view.


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